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Friday, November 20, 2009

Even Book Authors Experience the Blues

There I was, re-editing my third suspense novel for the zillionth time, when I realized I didn't know where to set my third to last scene. At this point in the story, my amateur sleuth is in the hospital after being attacked. She's just been visited by her best friend as well as interviewed by a police detective. She's about to come face to face with the one person who can unlock all the answers. However she needs a new setting for this encounter-- and she can't be recouping at home.

It's natural for a writer to peer over the precipice and wonder what lies beneath. At times there are a vast array of choices in which to paint the setting, at other times not nearly enough. This was one of those other times. Thus, the frustration.

Share your suggestion for a setting. We're talking straight mystery here, not fantasy, sci fi, or romance. If I use your suggestion, I'll put you in the acknowledgement section of the book!

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